Is your Sanitizer Safe?

Is your Sanitizer Safe?

I recently engaged in a conversation with an influencer who mentioned people need to chill with the selling of sanitizer. They mentioned you could simply use essential oils blended with water to kill germs! I then advised that giving that advice is dangerous especially when some essential oils can be poisonous. 😬

I also went on to explain that sanitizer can be all natural and still kill germs, and in fact, I sell an all natural sanitizer. Let's just say, she was taken aback lol.

Many people, are quick to pick up any brand of sanitizer in the stores, read the label that reads "all natural" and think they are purchasing an all natural product, when in fact the sanitizer they are purchasing incudes a huge amount of toxins.

When Lady Diaries decided to release a sanitizer in March of 2020, it had to be all natural, even down to the alcohol. Many people rushed to purchase Isopropyl alcohol for $1.00 where we (Lady Diaries) stacked up on grain alcohol for $32 per bottle. Many people also use glycerin, whereas we used pure aloe vera, and let's not mention using 100% pure disinfecting essential oils in your sanitizer. You'll be lucky if some of these large companies use a blended essential oil..... sorry, but true!

Not only did Lady Diaries use top quality products, we decided to give a 1oz (glass not plastic) bottle of our sanitizer with every order for free for an entire 6 months! Yes! Between March and September we gave away a free 1oz bottle of sanitizer with every order! To be honest this was an expensive incentive for placing an order, but I must say, it was a HUGE Blessing to be able to give something of need for free for an entire 6 months.

To this day our customers still receive a free sample size order of sanitizer and perfume with every order. The sanitizer however is a smaller size. No worries though, we still sell the 1oz bottle for $3.99 eventhough it is made with top quality products. 💋💋

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