Lady Diaries

Rose Diaries Hand Sanitizer

$5 $5.99

Rose Diaries is the perfect fragrance, that makes you feel warm like the scent of vanilla, yet vibrant and fresh like the scent of roses freshly cut from the bush.  

Lady Diaries hand sanitizer contains

Disinfecting essential oils,

Pure aloe Vera gel,


95% Vol grain alcohol.

Yes!! all natural ingredients.

A message in regards to COVID-19.

LADY DIARIES  hopes that everyone in your home remains safe and virus free. Please continue to practice great hygiene by washing hands, eating healthy, and keeping clean environments. With everyone being home, it is a perfect time to offer products that have always been used in the home. We want to ensure your home remains healthy, safe and secure of illness. Please stay tuned as we release additional 100% natural products  assist in disinfecting your environments. 

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